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Title I, Part A School-Level Parent and Family Engagement Policy

This policy describes the means for carrying out designated Title I, Part A parent and family engagement requirements pursuant to ESSA Section 1116(c).
Each school served under this part shall jointly develop with, and distribute to, parents and family members of participating children a written parent and family engagement policy, agreed on by such parents, that shall describe the means for carrying out the requirements of subsections (c) through (f). How are parents notified of the policy in an understandable and uniform format and, to the extent practicable, provided in a language the parents can understand? How is the policy made available to the local community? How and when is the policy updated periodically to meet the changing needs of parents and the school (ESSA Section 1116[b][1])?
To involve parents in the Title I, Part A programs, the following practices have been established: York parents have the opportunity to be involved in the development of The Parent and Family Engagement Policy. The Family Engagement Policy is annually reviewed by the School Site Council and the English Language Advisory Committee. At the beginning of each school year, an Annual Title 1 Parent Meeting is held to explain the program and to encourage parental support and involvement. This is done in order to collaborate with parents on how we can best meet the needs of their children. Throughout the year, SSC and ELAC meetings are held and are open for all parents to attend. At these meetings, we receive input from parents on a variety of topics, including parent and family engagement. All parent workshops conclude with an evaluation for feedback. These forms are reviewed by the presenters and administration. The attendance sign-in sheets from all of our meetings are reviewed in order to assist us with determining the best time and day of the week for our monthly parent meetings and workshops.
The school convenes an annual meeting to inform parents about Title I, Part A requirements and about the right of parents to be involved in the Title I, Part A program (ESSA Section 1116[c][1]). Add details about the annual meetings in the box below: An Annual Title 1 Parent Meeting is held at the beginning of each school year. All parents receive an invitation in English and Spanish. In addition, all parents get a memo sent home and receive an automated telephone invitation to attend. The Title 1 PowerPoint is shared at this
Jennifer A. Beekman
meeting. The meeting is held on site at 8:30 a.m. in our cafeteria. Translation is Spanish is provided using our headsets. Topics included in the Power Point are: What does it mean to be a Title 1 School? What is the 1% set-aside for parental involvement? What is the LEA Title 1 Plan? What is the LEA Parent Involvement Plan? What is the Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSP)? What is the Home-School Compact? How do I request the qualifications of my child’s teacher? How will I be notified if my child is taught by a teacher who is not highly qualified? How is the Annual Evaluation of the Parental Involvement Plan conducted? How can I be involved? A time for questions and discussion is built into the presentation so that parents feel they have ample opportunity to understand all of the information.
The school offers a flexible number of meetings for Title I, Part A parents, such as meetings in the morning or evening (ESSA Section 1116[c][2]). Add details about the meetings in the box below: Parents are surveyed at the conclusion of each school year to determine convenient dates and times for all parent workshops, including the Annual Title 1 Parent Meeting. Parents at York traditionally like the workshops on Friday mornings, right after they drop off their children at school. Parents who are unable to attend, but would like access to the information can set up a meeting with the support staff member who delivered the Title 1 meeting. Many workshops are also on Facebook Live. Parents have expressed their appreciation of being able to watch the meetings via social media and at their leisure. Parents are notified of all workshops and meetings by invitations sent home and through the automated phone messages.
The school involves parents of Title I, Part A students in an organized, ongoing, and timely way, in the planning, review, and improvement of the school’s Title I, Part A programs and the Title I, Part A parent involvement policy (ESSA Section 1116[c][3]). How does the school involve parents? The School Site Council involves parents in the planning, review and improvement of the Title 1 program in various ways. Parents are asked to complete a Needs Assessment. Parental input is reviewed and utilized as a part of the Comprehensive Needs Assessment. Parents are asked to review and approve the School Plan for Student Achievement. At each subsequent meeting, they are presented with data, along with examples of the monitoring comments that show progress toward York’s goals in the SPSA. At the conclusion of the school year, parents are asked to give input for the completion of Categorical Evaluation.
Parents on advisory committees, such as the ELAC (English Learner Advisory Committee), also discuss the above mentioned topics at each meeting throughout the year and have an opportunity at each ELAC meeting to advise the School Site Council of their comments and concerns. All parents are invited and encouraged to attend the ELAC and SSC meetings, or speak with the parent representatives in order to provide input into our Title 1 program and the School Parent and Family Engagement Policy. Input is also gathered at our monthly parent workshops, Student Success Team meetings and Parent Teacher Conferences. This policy is also available on the school website. A copy can be requested in the school office.
The school provides parents of Title I, Part A students with timely information about Title 1, Part A programs (ESSA Section 1116[c][4][A]). How does the school provide the information? Parents are provided information about the Annual Title 1 Parent Meeting, SST Meetings, Parent Workshops and Parent Teacher Conferences ahead of time with invitations is both English and Spanish. Parents are also notified ahead of time through the automated telephone system and student handbooks. An evaluation of the Title 1 Program is reviewed with staff, ELAC and SSC. During the May SSC meeting the evaluation it is finalized and approved. Then it is reposted on the school website.
The school provides parents of Title I, Part A students with an explanation of the curriculum used at the school, the assessments used to measure student progress, and the proficiency levels students are expected to meet (ESSA Section 1116[c][4][B]). How does the school provide the information? Parents are informed about the core curriculum and academic assessments, along with expected proficiency levels at the Annual Title 1 Parent Meeting, Back to School Night, Parent Teacher Conferences and at the monthly parent workshops. Information is also discussed at the ELAC and SSC meetings. The administrator, Mathematics and English Language Art Coaches and our Special Projects Teacher receives extensive training in order to relay this information to parents and staff members.
If requested by parents of Title I, Part A students, the school provides opportunities for regular meetings that allow the parents to participate in decisions relating to the education of their children (ESSA Section 1116[c][4][C]). How does the school provide the opportunities? Parents have the opportunity to attend informative meetings on a variety of topics on a monthly basis. These meetings are held on a school day at 8:45 a.m. and often repeated at 4:00 p.m. Some workshops/meetings are also posted on Facebook Live. Parent recommendations are provided on an Annual Needs Assessment which is sent home. Parent evaluations and Parent Involvement surveys request additional topics in which they are interested in learning more about in order to support their children at home.
The school engages Title I, Part A parents in meaningful interactions with the school. The Compact supports a partnership among staff, parents, and the community to improve student
academic achievement. To help reach these goals, the school has established the following practices: Parents are involved in the development of the Home School Compact through the ELAC and SSC meetings. The Home School Compact is reviewed each year and Revised as needed. The Home School Compact is created with staff and parent input during ELAC and SSC meetings. The Home School Compact is approved by the SSC at the beginning of the school year. It is shared at the Annual Title 1 Parent Meeting and discussed at the first Parent Teacher Conference.
YORK SCHOOL Home School Compact 2018-2019
The Parent’s Pledge
I understand the importance of my participation in my child’s educational progress.
•Being involved in my child’s education by being proactive and participating in school events.
•Monitoring my child's television viewing and use of electronic devices.
•Listening to or reading with my child every day.
•Providing a quiet place and materials needed for my child to study.
•Assist and review my child's homework on a daily basis.
•Making sure my child gets an adequate night’s sleep and a healthy diet.
•Having my child attend school regularly and on time.
•Being accessible and providing the school with accurate and updated contact information (for example, emergency numbers and address).
The Student’s Pledge
I understand that education is important to me, and I am responsible for my own success.
•Being prepared to do my best.
•Being responsible for my own behavior by following all school and classroom rules.
•Returning all homework completed and on time.
•Spending time at home reading and practicing the math facts.
•Respecting myself, others, my school, and my community.
The Teacher’s Pledge
I understand that education is important to every student’s life.
•Providing a challenging instructional program to teach all children, while respecting each child equally.
•Teaching grade level skills and addressing the individual needs and strengths of all students.
•Assigning appropriate homework with clear instructions.
•Correcting and returning appropriate work in a timely manner.
•Helping students follow the school and classroom rules.
•Assisting parents with how to help children at home.
•Communicating with parents on a regular basis.
Student _________________________ Parent__________________________ Teacher__________________________ Date____________________________
The school provides Title I, Part A parents with assistance in understanding the state’s academic content standards, assessments, and how to monitor and improve the achievement of their children (ESSA Section 1116[e][1]). York School provides ongoing meetings to explain curriculum content and achievement standards and local assessments to parents. Items are also reviewed at Back to School Night and Parent Teacher Conferences. Title 1 requirements are shared at the Annual Title 1 Parent Meeting. The administrator, Dean of Students, Mathematics and English Language Arts Coaches, Counselor, Special Projects Teacher and Classroom Teachers are all available to help parents monitor their child’s progress. Parents can receive assistance on how to help their children by attending the monthly parent workshops. Parent Teacher Conferences, Student Success Team Meetings and individual PTC with specific staff members all help parents gain additional insight on how to best support their children’s academic achievement levels and or behavior. Professional Development and collaboration between staff is ongoing throughout the school year. This provides additional instructional strategies to support student learning.
The school provides Title I, Part A parents with materials and training to help them work with their children to improve their children's achievement (ESSA Section 1116[e][2]). Parent workshops are provided on various school related topics including: Mathematics, English Language Arts, English Language Development, positive discipline, transitioning to school, nutrition, technology and State Assessments. Parents provide feedback on an Annual Needs Assessment on topics of their interest. Materials are shared and distributed at these workshops. Parents are engaged in the learning at the workshops and walk away with information and items to better assist their children at home with their academic progress.
With the assistance of Title I, Part A parents, the school educates staff members in the value of parent contributions, and in how to work with parents as equal partners (ESSA Section 1116[e][3]). York’s goal is to continue to maintain and build upon the parental / families partnership and to have the open communication with our parents. Teachers are encouraged to contact parents and to keep them informed of academic and behavioral progress. The Home School Compact, which was written with parents and staff, provided feedback on areas of communication. Staff members attended professional development in the area of communication and involving the parents in the process of educating their children. Every student has a Student Handbook with our school rules, homework/parent teacher communication log. Parents are encouraged to volunteer in the classrooms, parent center, before and after school.
The school coordinates and integrates the Title I, Part A parental involvement program with other programs, and conducts other activities, such as parent resource centers, to encourage and support parents in more fully participating in the education of their children (ESSA Section 1116[e][4]). The Parent Center is currently in progress and will be located in room 1. Meanwhile, parents are provided ongoing space to be used for various meetings and for volunteering to assist staff with numerous projects. Parents are encouraged to volunteer in the classrooms, parent center, before and after school.
The school distributes Information related to school and parent programs, meetings, and other activities to Title I, Part A parents in a format and language that the parents understand (ESSA Section 1116[e][5]). All correspondence is completed in both English and Spanish. Written and oral translations is provided to our Spanish speaking parents on all memos home, at Parent Workshops and Parent Teacher Conferences. York School has three Talk Systems which allows us to hold our Parent Meetings in English and provide Spanish translations simultaneously. Teachers and parents can request translators for parent communications. Funding is set in our Title 1 funds to the side in our school-wide plan for translations.
The school provides support for parental involvement activities requested by Title I, Part A parents (ESSA Section 1116[e][14]). York’s School Wide Plan has funds set aside for materials, childcare, snacks, translations in Title 1 and LCFF SC to support parent involvement workshops and other activities.
The school provides opportunities for the participation of all Title I, Part A parents, including parents with limited English proficiency, parents with disabilities, and parents of migratory students. Information and school reports are provided in a format and language that parents understand (ESSA Section 1116[f]).
Please attach the School-Parent Compact to this document. This policy was adopted by the York School SSC on March 8, 2019 and will be in effect for the period of one year.
The school will distribute the policy to all parents of students participating in the Title I, Part A program on, or before: April 23, 2019. Jennifer Beekman
Signature of Authorized Official 3/22/19
California Department of Education
July 2018